Professional sports continue to evolve by the minute. It’s a popular, fast paced environment which in turn creates rising costs for consumers and fans. In 2011 we identified a chronic issue with professional sports. Attend one sporting event in the United States and count the number of fans wearing jerseys of players who are no longer with that franchise. Professional sports jerseys are an expensive investment. The only thing worse than owning an outdated jersey is the thought of buying another one. Closets are filled with outdated jerseys and fans have lost the desire to purchase merchandise branded with their favorite players and numbers.

Our solution? Professional Jersey Protection! Give fans the opportunity to purchase a jersey without buyer’s remorse. Give fans the opportunity to attend sporting events without the embarrassment of wearing outdated jerseys. If you’re invested, you’re protected!


  • To provide fans the opportunity to invest in a player’s jersey and feel at ease about the purchase. The threat of players leaving organizations and jersey’s behind will no longer influence a fan’s decision when purchasing a jersey.


  • Trade Transactions
  • Waiver Transactions
  • Cut Transactions
  • Career ending injuries


  • Player Retirements / Reserve List
  • Physical jersey damage
  • Lost jerseys
  • Unofficial sports jerseys
  • Player name changes
  • Player number changes


Why should I protect my jersey?

Professional sports jerseys are an expensive investment. The professional sports environment is a culture of change and fans cannot predict when this change will occur. It can happen at any time so make sure you never have to worry about an outdated jersey.

How much does jersey protection cost?

Replica = $15

Authentic = $25

Can I purchase protection on any jersey?

Protection is offered on a limited selection of professional sports jerseys because our terms and conditions center around player contracts.

How do I claim a new jersey?

Login to your account and submit a claim.

What is the selection process for a new jersey?

Login to your account and submit a claim.

Can I protect multiple jerseys?


Do I have to provide proof of purchase to protect my jersey?

At the current time we ask that you provide a picture of your protected jersey. We will require full proof of purchase in the future.

How long is my jersey covered under the protection?

Your jersey will be protected until the final year of a players contract at the time of purchase. You will receive a certificate of protection detailing the terms and conditions upon purchase.

What are the exclusions of jersey protection?

Our protection does not cover player retirements, physical jersey damage, lost jerseys, unofficial sports jerseys, player name changes or player number changes.

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