ESPN: The Chargers Uni Makeover Awards

By PJP Staff on February 10, 2017

Per Paul Lukas of ESPN:


Our latest design challenge to the Uni Watch readership -- to create a makeover for the Chargers, in conjunction with their move from San Diego to Los Angeles -- was a tricky one.

For starters, most fans seem to agree that the Chargers look pretty good right now, so on some level, we were asking you to fix something that wasn't broken. (More than a dozen readers simply sent emails that said something along the lines of, "Just have them make the powder blues their primary jersey. There, that's my redesign entry.") In addition, incorporating the Chargers' signature lightning bolt motif into a new design can be, as we all learned last month,trickier than it looks.





Still, we received some very good entries. Before we look at them, here's a quick recap of what we asked for: All entries were supposed to include, at a minimum, a primary logo, complete home and road uniforms, and a patch to commemorate the team's inaugural season in Los Angeles. Readers were free to give the franchise a new name, if they liked, or to maintain the current name.

With those ground rules in mind, here are the best and most interesting designs we received. In each case, you can click on the image to see a larger version of it. Ready? Set? Charge(rs)!


Read the full article and see all the designs here.

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